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Are you a fast thinker who's great at working as part of a team and coming up with innovative solutions to problems? If this describes you, you may want to think about the possibility of a career in nursing. Nurses fill many roles in Utah, from those in general care clinics and specialty clinics to those in hospitals and retail health providers.

Find out what nursing programs in Utah can teach you and how you can use your education in this state by contacting the schools listed below today.

It's clear that Utah has a growing need for nurses, leading many schools and employers to try to keep nursing students in the state. St. George News reports that a local nursing program recently received a $100,000 grant to bring in more students and increase the diversity of the program.

Utah is also home to many health programs that aim to make life better and healthier for residents. Healthy Utah reflects a statewide effort to make health care affordable and accessible. As employers and organizations try to reach these goals, nurses can help lower health care costs and improve outcomes.

Nursing Education in Utah

The courses that you're expected to take as a nursing student should prepare you for many different tasks and responsibilities. You may take courses that teach you about the proper use and administration of medications, the assessment of a patient's health status, proper treatment protocols, terminology, and nursing procedures.

In your curriculum, you may find classes like Foundations of Professional Nursing, Clinical Nursing Care, Principles of Clinical Management, Acute Care Nursing, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology.

Throughout these courses, you'll find your clinical requirements. Requirements vary between schools, but generally speaking, you need to complete at least 500 clinical hours to be eligible for a degree and for licensure.

Utah has a strong community of nursing associations and employers that have extensive scholarship programs for nursing students. The Utah Nurses Association is one of the most popular associations in the state. Through Utah P.E.O., you may be able to apply for multiple scholarships that are offered to nursing students. Intermountain Healthcare is one of the largest health care employers in the state with a nursing scholarship program.

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Outlook for Nursing in Utah

If you're willing to go wherever you're needed in Utah after graduation, you may have an even better job outlook. Per the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah has been unsuccessful in its efforts to recruit and keep enough nurses. Dedicate yourself to the state of Utah and enjoy a new career while meeting a very important need.

Obtaining your nursing license is one of the most important parts of this process. The Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing administers your LPN or RN license after you pass the required NCLEX exam and submit your official transcript.

When you look at job growth rates in Utah, it's obvious that their need for skilled nurses is only growing. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net predicts a 35% increase in LPN jobs. This growth rate is 10% higher than the national average (O*Net, 2012). During this same decade, O*Net reports an expected 31% increase in RN jobs.

Across the board, salaries in this state are on par with national averages. The average salary for a Utah LPN is $43,110 per year (BLS, 2015). Registered nurses earn an average of $61,000 (BLS, 2015).

The nursing field has room for caring, highly-trained professionals. Learn how to become a nurse by contacting the nursing programs in Utah listed below.

See some of the top employers in Utah here: University of Utah Health Care, Intermountain Medical Center, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Saint Mark's Hospital, and McKay-Dee Hospital Center


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