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When patients check into the hospital or stop into the doctor's office for an appointment, they spend quite a bit of time with nurses. Nurses may take on patient education roles, help doctors prepare for appointments, and ensure that patients understand any diagnoses or treatment protocols they are given.

If you're ready to spend your days working with Mississippi's diverse patient base, look into the nursing programs in Mississippi to learn more about getting started in this field.

With Mississippi's mostly rural population, the need for health care professionals is great. As a result, many employers have started trying to hire more nurses and schools have started to increase their number of nursing students. One local school recently opened a new nursing school in southern Mississippi, hoping to double the amount of nursing graduates in this part of the state.

Mississippi nurses do a lot to influence health care legislation. Every year, Mississippi nurses hold an annual legislative and policy summit in which they communicate with legislators to create laws that are best for nurses and patients.

The Clarion Ledger notes that numerous Mississippi schools understand the importance of boosting the state's nursing workforce. As a result, many schools are creating new pathways for students who want to become nursing professionals.

Nursing Education in Mississippi

Throughout your nursing education, you should take a wide variety of courses that prepare you for different aspects of this career field. After learning core theories and skills in nursing, you may move on to specialty fields and advanced techniques. Early in your education, you can plan on taking courses like Health Assessment Throughout the Life Span, Health Promotion, Pathophysiology, Pharmacotherapeutics, Professional Nursing and Evidence, and Foundations of Nursing Practice.

Later courses in your curriculum build on the information gained in these classes. High-level courses in your curriculum may include Adult Health, Child-Adolescent Nursing, Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Population Based Nursing, and Maternal-Newborn Health.

Clinical experience is at the core of this field. Requirements depend on which school you choose to attend, but plan on completing at least 400 hours of clinical work. LPNs, who may only need one year of schooling or so, may have fewer hours. Associate's-level nursing students may spend two years in nursing school, while bachelor's-level students should anticipate spending at least four years in nursing school.

After you get accepted to your program of choice, you may want to start applying for grants, scholarships, and student loans. The Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid has a branch specifically devoted to nursing students and state-sponsored grants for nursing students. The Mississippi Student Nurses Association offers a range of scholarships each year. Through the Mississippi Rural Health Association, you may apply for scholarships that are specifically intended for students who are willing to work in a rural area after graduation.

Working as a Nurse in Mississippi

The Mississippi State Board of Nursing licenses both LPNs and RNs throughout the state. You must registered to take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN after graduation. Upon passing this test and submitting your educational credentials, you can begin your career.

If you want to become an LPN, you may enjoy a number of benefits in this state. Per O*Net, job openings in this field may increase by 19 percent through 2022. The average salary for a Mississippi LPN is $36,730 per year (BLS, 2015).

Registered nurses may also have a great future in this state. Job openings are expected to jump by 13 percent through 2022 and the average salary for a Mississippi RN is $56,980 per year (BLS, 2015).

Find out how you can start an exciting career in nursing by contacting nursing schools in Mississippi today.

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