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As of May 28th, 2017 we have programs across 32 nursing schools in Maine. You’ll be able to find different courses that cover an extensive range of topics that include but not limited to LPN-RN, PhD and RN-MSN. You can take these and a range of other course/degree options from schools that include Keiser University, Baker College Online, WGU Indiana. If you’re looking for other states to start or further your studies we cover programs across the U.S. such as New Hampshire.

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When you finish your work every day, you want to go home knowing that you've done your best and made a difference in peoples' lives. If you decide to pursue a career in nursing, you have the chance to change lives every day. Nurses are responsible for providing the vast majority of patient care in clinics and hospitals while helping doctors carry out treatment plans.

Contact nursing schools in Maine to learn more about your education options. Once you've had the chance to review your options and compare nursing programs in ME, you should be prepared to choose the school that is right for you.

Nursing Education in Maine

The field of nursing is growing rapidly in Maine—so rapidly, in fact, that many health care employers don't have the nursing coverage they need. As a result, the Sun Journal reports that scholarships for Maine nursing students are on the rise.

Working in the field of nursing may give you the chance to put new research to work and meet new standards of care, further enriching the lives of patients. One Maine nursing center recently started using music to help patients with dementia improve their memory and get more out of life.

Maine health care organizations are attempting to modernize their health care procedures in an effort to minimize costs and improve patient experiences. By studying in one of the many nursing programs in Maine, you can contribute to these efforts. As many health care organizations go through design changes, your nursing skills and education can be very useful.

Part of succeeding as a student involves choosing the right nursing degree for your needs and goals. If you want to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), you may be able to earn your diploma or certificate in about one year of full-time study. If you plan on becoming a registered nurse (RN), you may complete an associate's degree program (ADN) in about two years or a Bachelor's degree (BSN) program in four years.

While completing your curriculum at one of the nursing colleges in Maine, you may learn about diverse subjects like anatomy, patient communication, nursing procedures, and pathology. Your education may begin with courses like Anatomy & Physiology, Foundations of Nursing Practice, and Microbiology. After proving yourself in core science courses, you may move on to advanced courses like Issues and Opportunities in Nursing, Applying Theory to Nursing Practice, Pathophysiology, Health Assessment, and Nursing Care of Adults.

In these courses, you can get practice with different demographic groups and build a diverse set of nursing skills. Furthermore, many of these classes include a clinical component. You should plan on spending several hundred hours in different clinical settings by the time you graduate.

Spending a few hours looking into scholarships every year can help you save a considerable amount of money on your education. FAME awards scholarships like the Grande Du Maine Chester Worthington Scholarship, the MaineGeneral Health Scholarship, and the OMNE Nursing Leaders of Maine Scholarship. Mercy Hospital also awards scholarships to promising nursing students. Nursing scholarships are awarded by the American Legion Department of Maine.

Your education should prepare you for the nurse licensure process, which goes through the Maine State Board of Nursing. With your RN or LPN license, you can begin applying for nursing jobs in Maine, in many different health care settings.

Outlook for Nursing in Maine

LPNs may enjoy many different employment benefits in Maine. O*Net predicts a 15 percent increase in LPN jobs through 2022. Licensed practical nurses in Maine claim a median salary of $43,680 per year (BLS, 2016).

The career environment for registered nurses is fairly similar. By 2022, O*Net hopes to see a 12 percent jump in RN jobs. Their estimates show that registered nurses earn an average of $63,800 per year (BLS, 2016).

The Maine nursing community is growing rapidly, so why not become part of it now? Get started by contacting the schools with nursing programs in Maine that are listed below to get more information.

Some of the top employers of Registered Nurses in Maine include Maine Medical Center, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Central Maine Medical Center, MaineGeneral Medical Center - Thayer Campus, and Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center.

Nursing Degree Programs in Maine

Transition programs for nurses:

Graduate programs for nurses:

Entry level nursing programs:

MSN Programs from Maine Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited MSN programs with campus locations in Maine.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

Traditional On Campus Programs:

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Husson University (Bangor, ME)
Program Name: Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing (CNS), Family and Community Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Saint Joseph's College of Maine (Standish, ME)
Program Name: Masters of Science in Nursing (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of Maine (Orono, ME)
Program Name: Rural Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of New England (Portland, ME)
Program Name: Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
Accreditation: AANA/CANAEP accredited
University of Southern Maine (Portland, ME)
Program Name: Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (AHCNS), Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP), Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (APMH/CNS), Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist & Nurse Practitioner (APMH/CNS-NP), Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (FPMH/NP), Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration
Accreditation: CCNE accredited