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The field of nursing is, quite possibly, one of the most diverse career fields in the world. You can use a nursing education to save lives, educate patients, support doctors, and work in a variety of specialties. Nurses play an especially important role in healthcare in Louisiana, where rural areas have a shortage of physicians. If you're interested in exploring a career in the health care industry, learn more about nursing schools in Louisiana by contacting those you see listed below.

As a nursing student in this area, you can take part in learning about important health care measures. For example, Louisiana nurses and nursing students recently got the chance to attend a nursing symposium that focused on inclusiveness and diversity in nursing.

In addition, many nursing programs in Louisiana are recognized for their strong academic programs and extensive clinical practice. The Louisiana Nurses Foundation recently recognized several Louisiana schools for the excellent quality of their instruction.

Nursing Education in Louisiana

In this state, nurses are often recognized for their accomplishments. This may help you enjoy a strong working environment and constantly strive for better work in your career. Every year, the state recognizes high-performing nurses with the Great 100 Nurses of Louisiana Awards.

To become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN) in Louisiana, you must meet strict academic requirements. Aspiring LPNs often complete a program that lasts about one year. If you want to become a registered nurse, then consider a two-year associate's degree program or one of the four-year bachelor's in nursing programs in LA.

As you work toward your degree and eventual licensure, you may take a variety of nursing classes. Some of the classes you may take at colleges in Louisiana for nursing include Health Assessment Skills, Nursing and Health Care Concepts, Foundations for Professional Practice, Clinical Pharmacology, and Ethical Tenets of Health Care.

Nursing schools throughout Louisiana rely heavily on clinical work for training. RN students may get over 600 hours of clinical experience, while LPNs often get considerably fewer hours. You may work under experienced registered nurses, nurse practitioner, doctors, and other skilled medical professionals during your clinical classes.

Once you get accepted to a nursing program in Louisiana, you can start looking into different types of financial aid. Both traditional programs and online nursing programs in Louisiana have scholarships, grants, and student loans. The Louisiana Association of Student Nurses funds a range of scholarships for new nursing students. You may also apply for funds through the Olive Tupper Foundation. Many scholarships are school-specific, so look into each school's options before selecting a program.

To begin your career as a nurse, you must have the proper license to practice in the state of Louisiana. You can take the NCLEX-PN or the NCLEX-RN and then apply for your license through the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. You will also be required to fulfill continuing education requirements to renew your license, as outlined by the State Board.

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Outlook for Nursing in Louisiana

In general, the job outlook for nurses is very positive in Louisiana. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 19 percent increase in licensed practical nursing jobs. In this same time frame, O*Net predicts an 18 percent increase in registered nursing jobs.

You may earn a range of salaries as a nursing professional in Louisiana, depending upon your education, experience and work setting. The average salary for a licensed practical nurse is $37,960 per year (BLS, 2015). Registered nurses in Louisiana earn an average of $58,770 per year (BLS, 2015). These salaries are in line with nationally-reported averages (O*Net, 2013).

A career in nursing is a great way to positively impact people all over the state and explore your job options. Learn more about becoming a nurse by contacting nursing schools in Louisiana listed on our site. Once you have a chance to compare Louisiana nursing programs, you should be able to make a decision about which route is best for you.

Some of the top employers of Registered Nurses in Louisiana include Willis-Knighton Medical Center, CHRISTUS Schumpert Saint Mary Place, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Saint Francis Medical Center, and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

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