December 2015 Nursing Scholarship Winner - Taylor Davis

December 2015 Scholarship Winner | Taylor Davis

BND: What inspired you to choose nursing as your career?

Taylor: Well I actually knew in the sixth grade that I wanted to be a nurse. It was mostly because my stepdad got burned with third-degree burns and he had to get a skin graft. And so, for like, three months after that we really had to take care of him and be his caregiver and help with his wound and everything like that.

So that's when I decided that I wanted to be a nurse.

BND: How did you decide which school to attend for your nursing degree?

Taylor: I currently go to College of St. Mary right now and I work at Midlands Hospital. Most of the nurses who work there graduated from St. Mary's and they just talked very highly of [their nursing program], and so I figured that I would go here, too, because they're such great nurses.

BND: What made you decide to enroll in a bachelors in nursing program?

Taylor: I originally signed up to become a licensed nurse practitioner (LPN) first, but I just figured that since I was already going to go on after my LPN and get my bachelors degree that it would probably just be better to get it to begin with.

BND: What position do you hold at your place of work?

Taylor: I'm a Float Pool CNA, so I work Med-Surg, ED occasionally and in the ICU.

BND: How do you think your work experience has helped you prepare for the nursing profession?

Taylor: Most of my co-workers know that I'm in nursing school, so they like to talk me through what they're doing while they're doing it, so I really feel like it's an advantage for me.

BND: What do you foresee happening in the future of nursing over the next five years?

Taylor: Well, everything is very computerized and electronic now, so I'm assuming that it's going to be even more so in five years.

BND: How would the Best Nursing Degree "Back to School" scholarship help you meet your nursing education and career goals?

Taylor: The College of St. Mary is a very expensive school – It's an awesome school, but it's very expensive and this scholarship would help me not have to take out so many loans that I have to pay back in order to get my nursing degree.

BND: We're pleased to announce that you are, in fact, the official winner of the December 2015 "Back to School" Scholarship from!

Taylor: Really! Oh my gosh, thank you so much. It's going to be so much easier now that I don't have to save so much for next year.