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There are many reasons for Registered Nurses to continue to pursue their education, and transition seamlessly into a Bachelor's Degree in Science. Many windows have opened for Registered Nurses to do just that, with many colleges offering programs specifically designed for this purpose. These BSN programs expose nurses to curriculum, as well as prepare them for roles their current certifications do not cover.

As an RN, you likely understand the importance of staying abreast of your nursing knowledge, and the effect it has on the care you provide your patients. As you investigate expanding that knowledge by returning to school, we would like to help. staff has compiled a list of all the available RN to BSN programs for Oregon nurses.

We have taken the time to search for schools, so you can focus on more important matters, such as determining the program that best meets your needs. Our featured schools offer online and distance education programs that allow you to earn your Bachelor's degree without attending classes on campus. You can request information from these schools, as well as the ground based programs by clicking on the links next to each school listing.

Request from as many schools as you like, amassing the program specifics so that you can review them to decide upon a school.

Featured Online Programs:

Online programs may not be available in all states

RN to BSN Curriculum

As a nurse enrolled in an RN to BSN bridge program, you can expect to take classes that encompass more of the Humanities and Business side of nursing. Classes in communications and policymaking are often incorporated heavily--leading to courses in management and leadership.

You will likely be taught how to evaluate subordinates and coworkers; including exposure to ethical and social issues that can prepare you for real-life scenarios. In addition to courses in sociology, there is often a psychiatric aspect to the training as well, along with courses that explore complex nursing issues within the current healthcare system.

Most Baccalaureate programs also afford you the opportunity to further your experience in medical research and clinical trials. These classes require additional knowledge, such as advanced pharmacology, nursing research, and statistics. The programs usually have a strong focus on community based nursing, along with population health issues, broadening the focus from a single patient to families, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Career Opportunities for Bachelor's Prepared Nurses

A BSN degree offers many employment opportunities that may not be available to Registered Nurses without a Bachelor's degree in Oregon. Due to sociological and psychological training, becoming a Hospice or Home Health Care Nurse is a career option that often requires nurses to have a BSN. According to the Oregon Center for Nursing (2011), the demand for nurses in this sector is expected to increase 109% by 2020. The increased autonomy and independence you can gain from additional schooling can strengthen your practice in the more self-directed fields such as Home Health and Hospice, where the hiring of BSN prepared nurses increased by 53% in 2010.

Very often, graduates choose management and administrative options that allow you to continue working in a hospital setting, though your role can change significantly. BSN graduates may become Charge Nurses, Hospital Administrators, or hold other Supervisory-type positions. The communications and management skills incorporated in an RN to BSN program can provide you with the tools you need to excel in these type of roles. These jobs generally allow for upward movement as well, with continued career expansion a real possibility.

Another interesting career option for a Registered Nurse with a BSN in Oregon lies within the field of research. Teaching hospitals, such as Oregon Health and Science University, note the importance of nursing in the dissemination of research, and the role nurses play in "shaping and educating tomorrow's healthcare professionals".

In today's healthcare landscape, a Bachelor's prepared Registered Nurse in Oregon is increasingly preferred, and can result in expanded job opportunities within many practice settings. As the Institute of Medicine, State Nursing Action Coalitions, and State Boards of Nursing increasingly call for Registered Nurses to earn a BSN, you can position yourself at the forefront of the evolving professional standards by earning your Bachelor's degree.

Two years ago, the trend of employers increasingly looking to hire RNs with BSN degrees was noted in a article, citing the evidence that a more highly educated nursing workforce can result in improved patient safety, higher quality of care and more cost-effective care. The Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education is at the forefront of working to better prepare Oregon nurses to assume leadership roles in the increasingly complex healthcare environment.

We, too believe that an educated nurse is a powerful thing, and are here to help you find the educational resources you need.

Simply request the information you need from the schools on our page, taking the time to select as many as you are interested in. Once you have received program information, you should be prepared to make a decision about the best RN to BSN programs available.

Schools to consider

Oregon Health and Science University (Portland): Most classes are offered online with occasional voice-to-voice webinars and a few days of onsite conferences. The program may be completed part-time or full-time (three to five terms). Practicum courses can be arranged in the student's community. Courses include epidemiology, population-based care, and leadership.

Linfield College (Portland) This online program may be completed full-time in 12 months; part-time study takes 18 months. The required clinical practicum may be arranged in the student's community or even internationally (with prior approval). Admission is twice yearly. An example of a course you might take is population-based nursing in a multicultural and global society.

Programs from Oregon Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited RN-BSN programs with campus locations in Oregon.


Linfield College (Portland, OR)
Program Name: RN to BSN Program (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Oregon Health & Science University (Portland, OR)
Program Name: BS Program for RNs (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited