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As a result of recent legislative changes in New Mexico, nurses nationwide are looking toward NM as a place where our profession is making a positive impact on the health of residents. From advanced practice nursing to entry level nursing, New Mexico nursing schools can provide you with the education you need to be a part of these positive changes. Many groups in the state, including the New Mexico Board of Nursing and the Campaign for Nursing Action Coalition, have aligned themselves with goals that affect nursing's future.

The goals of New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium are to increase the number of nurses with Bachelor's degrees to improve efficiency, quality and health outcomes through enhanced education. Many nursing schools in New Mexico have expanded their offerings to include RN to BSN bridge programs in order to meet these needs.

Featured Online Programs:

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Nursing programs in New Mexico are being designed to accommodate the special needs of working RNs returning to school by allowing flexible class scheduling and providing advisors to discuss a student's professional goals. Additionally, there are now online RN to BSN programs in NM that offer the flexibility and independent study options you may be looking for.

At, we strive to save you time and energy while you search for schools. We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the RN to BSN programs available in the state of New Mexico, including those offered online. We encourage you to request information from multiple schools on our page, including those featured below. Allowing yourself enough information about the different options to earn your Bachelor's degree will help you make a well-informed decision.

Curriculum of RN to BSN Programs

Program requirements for admission to most RN to Baccalaureate nursing programs in New Mexico include:

  • Graduation from an approved associate degree or diploma program in nursing
  • An active New Mexico RN license
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50

It is possible to attend a university part-time or full-time in the day, evening or sometimes on weekends. An online program usually allows for even more flexibility, especially if you intend to continue working while you earn your Bachelor's in Nursing. While there may be specific discussion timelines and project deadlines, you can generally do your work online at any time of the day.

Completion of an RN to Bachelor's degree program typically requires 128 credit hours and builds upon the nursing knowledge you already possess. Some programs allow you to progress more quickly using a credit by examination process, while you are enrolled in the required nursing courses. Universities may vary on clinical requirements depending upon curriculum design, but the clinical requirements are usually focused on community based health and performing nursing duties in an independent, unsupervised manner.

Required nursing courses may include:

  • Critical Thinking in Professional Nursing Leadership Roles
  • Issues in Professional Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Utilizing Healthcare Resources
  • Nursing Leadership and Policy Systems
  • Nursing Research
  • Health Care Policy

Many New Mexico nursing programs also require that you take two or three elective courses, which can be a great way to find out which areas of nursing most interest you.

Careers for RN to BSN Graduates in New Mexico

New Mexico is expecting a 40 percent vacancy rate for registered nurses by the year 2025, according to the NM Nursing Education Consortium (2013). The consortium reports that only 37% of New Mexico RNs have a bachelor's degree in nursing, well below the Institute of Medicine's recommendation of 80% by 2020. Staying abreast of the landscape of healthcare, and all the changes that are occurring is a great way to demonstrate that you are dedicated to the profession of nursing, and to the health of your patients. One of the best ways to stay at the forefront is to continue to develop and expand your education.

After completing your BSN, you may find that job openings in many expanded areas of healthcare will be available. As a Bachelor's prepared nurse, you should have the training required for nurse leadership roles, including those in community health and research. Nurses with bachelor's degree often flourish in hospital positions such as utilization review, patient and staff education, management and in wound care as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Mexico's Registered Nurses earn a mean average income of $69,110 annually.

Opportunities may be found outside of the hospital for the Baccalaureate nurse as well, and may include:

  • Nursing home administrators
  • Hospice care
  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical or medical device companies
  • Government organizations
  • Educational organizations for medical research training and advisory positions
  • Occupational nurses for industry
  • School nurses
  • Public Health
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Physician's offices

Nearly 300 New Mexico Registered Nurses were enrolled in RN to BSN completion programs in the 2009-2010 school year, according to the Center for New Mexico Nursing Excellence. Many New Mexico nurses start their careers with a basic nursing degree, then return to school for advanced nursing education, just like you. To learn more about opportunities for expanded nursing roles, visit the New Mexico Nursing Board page after requesting school information.

A Bachelor's of Science in Nursing is a great way to expand your education, and can be accessed from many programs in NM. The quality of your nursing will likely improve as a result of earning your BSN, and an advanced degree may give you a leg up for leadership, managerial and nurse educator positions. With the landscape of healthcare delivery continually evolving, a well educated nursing workforce is essential. Taking steps to become a more educated nurse is an admirable endeavor, and we aim to support your decision to return to school by providing you with the resources you need.

RN to BSN programs for New Mexico nurses include:

  • New Mexico State University: New Mexico State offers an online RN to BSN program that can be completed in one year of full-time study (after general education requirements are met). Students can receive a thorough orientation to the online learning process and technology during an on-campus meeting at the beginning of the program.
  • Western New Mexico University: Western New Mexico University has offered a RN to BSN program since 2005. Upper level nursing education classes are now available online; many of the required general education classes are too. The entire program can take about two years.
  • New Mexico Highlands University: A new RN to BSN class starts each fall semester at New Mexico Highlands. Licensed, working nurses can obtain upper level credits for their previous education and experience.

Programs from New Mexico Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited RN-BSN programs with campus locations in New Mexico.

New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University (Portales, NM)
Program Name: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program (online)
Accreditation: ACEN accredited
New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas, NM)
Program Name: RN-BSN
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Western New Mexico University (Silver City, NM)
Program Name: RN to BSN Program (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited