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Change is inevitable in the field of nursing, and if you're not willing to change with the industry, you may well be left behind. However, as a licensed practical nurse, you have developed the skills and knowledge that nursing schools all over Oregon are looking for. With just a little bit more schooling, you could be ready to earn your registered nursing license and offer even more to the health care industry of Oregon.

Although Oregon did not top the list, a recent nursing study noted that Oregon was near the top of the list of best states for nurses. Taking the leap from LPN to RN could pay off in many ways for you. Check out LPN to RN programs in Oregon to find out how to get started.

Why Should I Enter an LPN to RN Program in Oregon?

Right now, the need for registered nurses is growing more quickly than the number of graduates coming from Oregon's nursing programs. This may spell a huge problem for clinics and hospitals in the future, particularly if this gap continues to grow for several years. This gap has led many Oregon schools to work together to increase nursing enrollment. As an LPN, this may mean that you have plenty of options to choose from to complete your education.

In general, Oregon nursing salaries are well above the national averages. Becoming a registered nurse may allow you to boost your earnings even more. While licensed practical nurses in Oregon earn an average of $48,200 per year, the average salary for a registered nurse is $83,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Curriculum of LPN to BSN Programs in Oregon

To become a registered nurse, you must earn an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree. However, you can use the diploma or certificate you earned as an LPN to jumpstart your education. Bridge programs that lead to one of these nursing degrees typically last between one and three years, and since they are designed for working LPNs, you may be able to maintain employment while earning your degree.

By the time you graduate, you should be ready to take the NCLEX-RN. This is the national licensing exam for registered nurses, similar to the NCLEX-PN, which is required for LPNs. Preparing for this exam means developing new skills and honing the ones you have. Program outcomes in Oregon include learning how to collaborate with health care professionals, managing care at a more intensive level, utilizing clinical research in your care decisions, and using medical interventions properly and safely.

To accomplish these goals, you may enroll in advanced nursing classes like Clinical Care Across the Lifespan, Health Promotion, Health Alterations, Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Management Concepts, and Advanced Clinical Practice. While in school, you will likely spend quite a bit of time gaining clinical experience at local nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals.

Don't be afraid to use financial aid programs to cover the cost of your education. Doing so can also help you expand your professional network of contacts. One of the largest nursing scholarship organizations in Oregon is the Oregon Nurses Foundation.

Are you ready to meet the needs of Oregon's nursing community? Learn how by contacting LPN to RN programs in Oregon.

Programs from Oregon Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited LPN-RN programs with campus locations in Oregon.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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Central Oregon Community College (Bend, OR)
Program Name: LPN to RN
Clatsop Community College (Astoria, OR)
Program Name: Advanced Placement (LPN-RN)
Linn-Benton Community College (Albany, OR)
Program Name: Advanced Placement for PN’s
Rogue Community College (Grants Pass, OR)
Program Name: LPN Advanced Placement
Southwestern Oregon Community College (Coos Bay, OR)
Program Name: LPN Advanced Placement
Treasure Valley Community College (Ontario, OR)
Program Name: Advance (RN)