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There are many benefits to starting your nursing career in a state like Connecticut. The small state has a tight-knit health care community that aims to provide evidence-based, affordable care to all of the state's residents. Your time as a licensed practical nurse may have helped you develop an understanding of Connecticut's health care needs and where this industry may be going in the future.

This is a time of great change for Connecticut's health care industry, which means that those who are willing to take their education to the next level are in high demand. The state's Medicaid group hopes to start reimbursing providers based on the quality of care they provide, which may lead to an increase in demand for nurses. Find out how you can contribute by exploring LPN to RN programs in CT.

Why Should I Enter an LPN to RN Program in Connecticut?

Becoming a registered nurse creates a win-win situation for you and for the health care employers of Connecticut. Health care organizations are working hard to decrease costs and improve quality. As a registered nurse, you may be able to take on more responsibility and perform a greater number of procedures, making you an even more valuable asset to your employer.

As a bonus, you may find that becoming a registered nurse helps you take home more money every week. Per O*Net, LPNs earn an average salary of $55,300 per year in Connecticut. They report that the average salary for a registered nurse is $75,300 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Curriculum of LPN to BSN Programs in Connecticut

There are two options you can consider for LPN to RN programs; CT may have Associate's and Bachelor's degree programs. Assuming that you earned roughly 30 credits as an LPN student, you need to earn an additional 30 credits to get your Associate's degree or an additional 90 credits to get your Bachelor's degree. These credits are split between nursing courses and general education courses. You may be able to complete your general education courses and even some of your nursing courses online. However, this type of degree program does require clinical work that must be completed in person.

Your coursework may revisit topics that you studied as an LPN student, deepen your knowledge in these areas, and help you explore different aspects of nursing. Your curriculum may include diverse courses like Nursing Care Management, Advanced Nursing Concepts, Physical Assessment, Physiological Adaptation and Risk Reduction, Issues in Nursing Practice, and Transcultural Clinical Skills Application.

The clinical aspect of your study may take you into local hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, depending on which nursing specialty you are focusing on at any given point in your education. These clinical opportunities may even help you learn about possible employment opportunities.

You may have numerous financial aid opportunities available to you as you work on your transition from LPN to RN; CT has many state financial aid programs to consider. You may also want to look into the Connecticut Nurses Foundation. If you are currently employed as an LPN, your employer may help offset the costs of your education.

As Connecticut lawmakers try to increase health care standards around the state, they may rely on nursing professionals to help them. Find out what options you have by requesting information from LPN to RN programs in Connecticut.

Programs from Connecticut Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited LPN-RN programs with campus locations in Connecticut.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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Goodwin College (East Hartford, CT)
Program Name: LPN-RN Advanced Placement
Accreditation: ACEN accredited
St. Vincent's College (Bridgeport, CT)
Program Name: Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses
Accreditation: ACEN accredited
Three Rivers Community College (Norwich, CT)
Program Name: Associate Degree Nursing Program - LPN Advanced Placement
Accreditation: ACEN accredited