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As a family nurse practitioner in New Jersey, you may find exceptional opportunities in your community that present you with the challenges and rewards of working as a valued healthcare provider. FNPs are expert clinicians that are in high demand and provide the management of chronic conditions and acute disease for patients from infancy to adulthood with effective, affordable care. Your dedication to the highest level of education in nursing may provide you with lucrative positions in public and private practice settings.

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Although New Jersey presently requires FNPs to collaborate with physicians when prescribing medications, new legislation has proposed to provide FNPs with the autonomy and medical authority they require as an independent practitioner. Due to the shortage of primary care physicians, an aging population and the increase in access to care by hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans via healthcare reform, the primary care role of the FNP has become the most valuable solution.

As reported by Stateline in 2013, New Jersey has joined with five other states to grant FNPs independence of practice that includes prescription authority without the collaboration of a physician. According to the State of New Jersey Consumer Affairs, almost 4,000 certified advanced practice nurses are currently practicing in New Jersey.

To start your education, you will need to collect information about programs and compare them to make a decision. We have compiled a listing of all the options to get your FNP in NJ, and encourage you to request information from the schools on this page to begin.

Family Nurse Practitioner Programs in New Jersey

FNPs in New Jersey are required to attend a state-approved program that awards a graduate degree or postgraduate certificate in the FNP specialty of study. In addition, you are required to possess an active RN license in New Jersey. Although part-time FNP programs may vary in length, an RN with a BSN may typically complete the master's program in two to three years of full-time study.

You have several options to satisfy this credentialing component such as:

  • BSN to a master's degree in FNP
  • MSN to an FNP post graduate certificate
  • MSN to a doctoral FNP program
  • A non-nursing bachelors degree to an FNP master's program

Family Nurse Practitioner Curriculum in New Jersey

As your scope of practice evolves from bedside care to the level of an advanced clinician, your curriculum presents with a focus on diagnostics, critical thinking skills and evidence-based practice that builds on your existing clinical expertise, experience and scientific knowledge. Your curriculum may include the following courses that support your role as a primary care clinician who refers patients to specialists, orders diagnostic tests, possesses prescription authority and provides preventative care such as:

  • Completion of a graduate level 3-credit course in Pharmacology is mandatory for your certification as an FNP in New Jersey
  • Health promotion and assessment provides supportive instruction on advanced management of conditions and diseases that affect patients across the lifespan
  • The role of the FPN in healthcare provides an understanding of how the advanced nurse fits into the U.S. healthcare system and the financing of care
  • Generally, you may be required to complete three semesters of actual clinical practice to satisfy your degree completion

After completing your program of study, further requirements are needed to satisfy your FNP credentials. You must successfully pass the highest level practice FNP national examination that is approved by the State Board of Nursing and depending upon your particular program of study, you may require a specified number of hours with a physician or certified FNP preceptor.

Financing your Family Nurse Practitioner Program in New Jersey

Although funding an FNP degree may be challenging, numerous governmental and private institutions are recognizing that FNPs are an integral part of healthcare delivery. Nurse Corps, for example, provides a scholarship program and tuition reimbursement support for FNPs that offer to practice for a specified amount of time in underserved areas of healthcare.

Family Nurse Practitioner Careers in New Jersey

As an FNP in New Jersey, your skills and expertise may be more in demand than ever before. According to News, jobs for advanced practice nurses are expected to increase significantly to meet the demands of a new healthcare environment as outlined by the Affordable Care Act of 2012. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, FNPs in New Jersey can expect a median salary of approximately $101,091.

Although most FNPs currently work with physicians in an office or group setting, numerous opportunities may be available such as:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Retail healthcare for private businesses
  • Community-based clinics and outreach centers
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Occupational settings for Fortune 500 Companies

As the FNP's scope of practice in New Jersey evolves in this exciting time in healthcare, you may find an array of rewarding positions that provide you with the self-satisfaction of delivering expert care to your community.

Programs from New Jersey Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited Family Nurse Practitioner programs with campus locations in New Jersey.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University (Madison, NJ / Teaneck, NJ)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Felician College (Lodi, NJ)
Program Name: MS in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Monmouth University (West Long Branch, NJ)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey-Newark (Newark, NJ)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) (online)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
The College of New Jersey (Ewing, NJ)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (Newark, NJ)
Program Name: Family Health Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: ACEN accredited