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The state of Nevada has many opportunities for aspiring family nurse practitioners. Becoming a nurse practitioner is a great way to increase your nursing skills, make an even bigger impact on the patients you serve, and increase your earning potential. Family nurse practitioners are often considered the most versatile advanced nurse practitioners, because they can see and treat patients of all ages. The duties of a family nurse practitioner include seeing patients for annual checkups, diagnosing and treating minor illnesses, prescribing medications, and supervising registered nurses.

If you decide to work and study in Nevada, you can have a great deal of freedom in where and how you work. Per the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, nurse practitioners in Nevada have full practice rights. This means that you do not need the oversight of a physician, nor do you need a collaborative agreement with a physician. You can have the freedom to see and treat patients, in addition to prescribing medications.

Nurse Practitioners in Nevada also enjoy a great deal of earning potential, especially when compared to other states. According to O*Net, the median salary for a nurse practitioner in Nevada is $92,700. The given range of salaries goes from $72,200 to $139,100 (O*Net, 2012).

If you are ready to learn more about how you can advance your nursing career by expanding your education, we are here to help! has compiled all of the available FNP programs for Nevada nurses to help you along. Simply request information from the schools below that you are interested in.

Family Nurse Practitioner Curriculum in Nevada

The coursework involved in a family nurse practitioner program is designed to prepare you for every facet of being an NP. Since you need to complete a Master's degree in nursing to become a nurse practitioner, you have to have a Bachelor's degree in nursing in order to get accepted to a nurse practitioner program. This will lay the foundation for much of the advanced courses you take as a nurse practitioner student. Many students find it beneficial to review their NCLEX materials prior to starting a graduate program. This can help you catch up on statistics and health theories that you may have forgotten.

Some of the courses you can expect to take in your program include Health Promotion, Advanced Pathophysiology, Health Assessment, Health Care Policy, Nursing Theories, and Family Health Patterns. You have the unique option of completing a thesis at the University of Nevada, Reno. This can set you apart from your peers and make you stand out from other applicants.

In addition to completing traditional nursing school courses, you also have to complete several hundred clinical hours. The actual amount varies between schools, but you can generally expect to spend at least 600 hours in a clinical setting.

Financing your Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Nevada

There are several scholarship opportunities for aspiring nurse practitioners in Nevada. The Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders awards the Don Mordecai Educational Scholarship every year. Selected students get $1000 towards the cost of their education.

Working as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Nevada

After graduating from your nurse practitioner program, you are one step closer to being a fully licensed family nurse practitioner. The next step is to get your license from the Nevada Nursing Board. Once you have your advanced practice nursing license, you must renew it every two years. In order to be eligible for renewal, you have to complete 45 continuing education hours during every renewal period. There are many ways to get continuing education hours. You might choose to join the Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association, which offers continuing education opportunities to members.

You can choose between many different work environments once you're a licensed NP. Common work places include hospitals, health clinics, and urgent care centers. Some family nurse practitioners even start their own clinic. Major employers in Nevada include UnitedHealth Group, Take Care Health System, Southern Nevada Health District, and Complexcare Solutions.

Programs from Nevada Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited Family Nurse Practitioner programs with campus locations in Nevada.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of Nevada-Reno (Reno, NV)
Program Name: Family Nurse Practitioner
Accreditation: CCNE accredited