How Can I Find BSN Programs in Wyoming?

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What skills make you stand apart from the crowd? Are you detail-oriented? Do you keep your cool in situations that would make others stress out? Do you have a way of communicating with everyone you encounter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to learn more about Bachelor of Science in Nursing colleges.

Wyoming has a sizable nursing shortage that has primarily affected the state’s many remote and rural areas, leaving thousands of residents with limited access to healthcare. The time you put into a BSN could make a big difference for your patients and for your community.

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Looking to Become an RN in Wyoming?

A Bachelor’s Degree May Be the Best Nursing Program for You

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In the world of nursing education, there are multiple degree options that lead to certification in different specialties and areas of care. The Bachelor’s degree is one of the most flexible options available to nursing students. It offers experience in common work settings, such as emergency rooms and medical-surgical nursing. However, it builds on that clinical experience to give you exposure to other nursing specialties.

All nursing schools at the BSN level offer additional clinical rotations in fields like OB/GYN, family healthcare, women’s health, and pediatrics. Today, about 45% to 50% of nurses have a baccalaureate or higher nursing degree (Nursing World, 2017). With recommendations that 80% of the nursing workforce have a baccalaureate degree, many areas are expanding their offerings at Bachelor of Science in Nursing colleges. If your list of top nursing schools includes BSN degrees, you could benefit in many ways. The patient base is aging and needs nurses with specialized experience in nursing technology and long-term care. In facilities with greater proportions of baccalaureate nurses, patient mortality drops and failure to rescue rates drop (Nursing World, 2017).

What Should I Look for in BSN Nursing Schools in Wyoming?

In any field, the school you choose is an important part of your educational experience and the future of your career. However, it’s even more important in nursing. If you want to work in a specialized area of nursing, you want to attend a program that offers clinical experience in your chosen field.

If you want to further your education down the road, you want a solid base of nursing skills that prepare you for nursing research and leadership. You may want to begin by checking out all nursing schools that are accredited by the ACEN or CCNE. These schools meet federal education standards and offer substantial preparation for the NCLEX-RN. Another great resource is the Wyoming State Board of Nursing, which makes it easy to find approved nursing education providers.

Applying to Wyoming Bachelor of Science in Nursing Colleges

Once you’ve built a list of top nursing schools, you may want to begin the application process. The earlier you can submit your applications, the better. There may be delays in transcripts and vaccine records, so you want to give yourself as much time as you can.

At most schools, you need a high secondary GPA to be considered. The majority of colleges for nursing require a GPA of 3.0 or higher, although you may need an even higher GPA for more competitive programs.

Additionally, you have to undergo a number of tests and screenings to ensure that you are safe and healthy. They run a criminal background check to verify that you can work safely with patients. Required health tests often include a physical exam, a drug screen, and a TB test. The majority of Bachelor of Science in Nursing colleges require up-to-date vaccine records.

What Are BSN Programs in Wyoming Like?

Your experience may differ at each nursing program in Wyoming. That’s why it’s crucial to spend some time checking out schools, touring local facilities, and finding out where you fit in. One core requirement is the same across all Wyoming programs: you need 120 credits to graduate. In a standard BSN program, you earn all 120 credits at your primary institution. In an RN to BSN program, you transfer credits from your Associate’s degree. In accelerated nurse programs, you transfer credits from your first Bachelor’s degree.

Wyoming BSN Degree Basic Requirements

Standard BSN programs may be the most common option at Wyoming colleges for nursing. They are designed to last four to five years and include 120 to 135 credits. After meeting general education requirements, you may work aggressively on finishing your nursing courses and beginning clinical rotations at local healthcare institutions.

Courses Required in BSN Nursing Schools in Wyoming

  • Human Systems Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Nursing

RN to BSN Programs in Wyoming

If you have an Associate’s degree in nursing, you could be a good fit for RN to BSN bridge programs. These programs require some amount of nursing experience, typically between one and two years. The more experience you have, the more you may be able to bypass clinical requirements. Program durations range from 18 to 24 months.

Coursework Options in RN to BSN Programs in Wyoming

  • Leadership in Nursing
  • Cultural Diversity in Family Healthcare
  • Adult Health
  • Family and Public Health

Wyoming Accelerated BSN Programs

In an accelerated BSN program, you meet the requirements of a four-year BSN in just one year. While many programs last 12 months, some are as long as 18 months. You earn credits for your first Bachelor’s degree, which substantially decreases the amount of time you spend earning your BSN.

Classes Required in Accelerated Nurse Programs

  • Professional Nursing
  • Health Assessment
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing Care of Children and Families

LPN to RN Programs in Wyoming

This option is very convenient for working licensed practical nurses. Rather than earning an ADN and then going to a BSN program, you can combine both programs into a two to three year degree.

Classes Offered in LPN to RN Programs

  • Mental Health and Illness
  • Care of the Older Adult
  • Nursing Ethics
  • Community Nursing Care

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All Nursing Schools Are Not Created Equal…

How to Make a List of Top Nursing Schools in Wyoming

With all that you now know about colleges for nursing, you should be well on your way to making a final decision. It’s essential to request information from Wyoming nursing programs. What you find out may help you refine your list even more, making it easy to focus your application efforts. As you follow up with each school over the phone, ask questions that may help you decide where you want to apply. Keeping information sorted in a binder keeps it easy to access.

Questions to Ask Wyoming Colleges for Nursing

  • What percentage of students do you accept each year?
  • How many students qualify for school-based financial aid?
  • What types of financial aid are available?
  • What is the NCLEX pass rate?
  • Does the school run any study groups or review programs for students getting ready to take the NCLEX?

The best nursing program could be waiting for you to take the leap and commit to a BSN program.

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Online programs may not be available in all states

Programs from Wyoming Schools

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