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As an RN in Nevada, you provide the highest quality care for patients that ensure the health of individuals, families and communities in busy cities and large rural populations. As the initiatives of healthcare reform expand the role of the nurse and moves healthcare into other areas other than the bedside, nurses require the supportive education of a BSN to help them meet these challenges. As discussed in a study by the Institute of Medicine, findings recommended that 80 percent of the nursing workforce is to be prepared at the baccalaureate level by the year 2020.

To help you learn more about your options for becoming a nurse, while taking advantage of the degree you already have, we have compiled a listing of Fast Track BSN below. Our featured schools generally provide options for online and distance education, which may offer a degree of flexibility that works for you. Request information from the schools you are interested in, so you can make a well informed decision about how to proceed with your nursing education.

With an accelerated ADN to BSN in Nevada, your career can take exciting directions in lucrative specialties of care and prepare you as an agent of change in a new era of healthcare. For example, an RN with a BSN may earn a salary difference of $2,000-$10,000 per year for the various nursing roles and levels of experience. According to O*Net, an RN in Nevada may expect a median salary of $77,600 per year; however, the American Nurse Credentialing Center reports that BSN nurses with specialty certifications may earn up to $7,300 more annually.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs in Nevada

A transitional program builds on your current nursing experience and knowledge to refine critical thinking skills, advance professionalism and provide the tools to assist you in the role of management based on the initiatives of the American Nurses Association. RNs with ADNs or non-nursing degrees may select program tracks that offer full-time schedules or flexible courses that are designed for a working professional. In Nevada, it is possible to complete your BSN in 12 to 18 months of study. Your curriculum may include classes such as:

  • Nursing research and theories assist you with defining evidence-based practice and applying appropriate health interventions
  • Nursing leadership increases professionalism and advances your knowledge of organization, financial aspects and community-based nursing initiatives in Nevada
  • Health assessment, evaluation and implementation advances knowledge and skills of diagnostic rationale, management of chronic conditions and preventative care
  • The clinical practicum provides you with actual experience in a medical setting in one or two semesters

Licensure Requirements for RNs in Nevada

Although Nevada is not part of the Nurse Compact Act, endorsement for licensing is readily available if you are currently an RN in another state. An initial RN license in Nevada is accomplished by the completion of a state-approved RN program, passing the certification exam and completion of an extensive background check. According to the U.S. News and World Report, opportunities for RNs were rated the second best career in 2013 and continues to project 26 percent growth through 2020.

Programs from Nevada Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited Accelerated BSN programs with campus locations in Nevada.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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Nevada State College (Henderson, NV)
Program Name: Accelerated BSN Track
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Touro University (Henderson, NV)
Program Name: Entry Level BSN-MSN
Accreditation: CCNE accredited