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While many other fields are experiencing high unemployment rates, the field of nursing continues to grow. Students in Connecticut are returning to school to get their nursing degrees, as a means to find a career that may be more satisfying than others. If you are looking for a quick way to get into the nursing field, then an accelerated BSN is something you might be considering.

An accelerated BSN in Connecticut uses the credits that you've earned in your prior Bachelor's degree to shorten the amount of time that you have to spend in nursing school. At schools that have accelerated BSN programs, you can earn your BSN in as little as 12 months.

Our featured programs, below, typically offer online and distance options, which can be more flexible than campus based programs. To learn more about the fast track BSN options you have, request information from these schools, and as many others as you like. The more informed you are, the better equipped you will be when it is time to make a decision about your nursing education.

Accelerated BSN Curriculum in Connecticut

Accelerated BSN programs in Connecticut have a few advantages over traditional BSN programs. First, since you've completed a Bachelor's degree, you don't have to go through general education courses. Second, you take classes during the summer session in addition to the standard fall and spring semesters. This helps you finish school sooner. Additionally, a BSN's focus on nursing specialties leaves you prepared for more different jobs in the nursing field.

There are many different classes that you have to take as part of your accelerated BSN. Courses that are consistent between schools include courses in maternity care, pediatric care, pharmacology, and health assessment. These courses may be completed in-person or online, depending on your school's requirements. After completing these very important courses, you get to practice what you've learned in clinical rotations.

Clinical experience is gained at an approved health care facility in your area. You'll practice the skills that you learned in your classes. You rotate through pediatric care, maternity care, surgical care, and other different areas of nursing care. During your clinical time, you may be able to figure out what nursing field you want to work in. Students that do well in their clinical experiences may even find work at their clinical site after graduation!

Career Outlook in Connecticut

Connecticut has a rapidly growing demand for nurses. O*Net listed 37,370 nursing jobs in 2010; they expect that number to grow 19% to 44,510 by 2020. Nurses in Connecticut can also earn a very good salary. The median salary for a registered nurse in Connecticut is $74,600 per year (O*Net, 2012).

After earning your nursing degree, you may choose to work in a hospital, specialty clinic, community clinic, or a different health care setting. Some of the biggest nurse employers in Connecticut include Wheeler Clinic, Continuum Home Health, First Choice Health Centers, Aurora Senior Living, Spectrum Healthcare, and Sterling Care.

Licensing Considerations in Connecticut

After you graduate from an approved BSN program in Connecticut, you're eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. In addition to your application to test, the Board of Nursing in Connecticut requires a $180.00 check in order to take the exam. You must supply your diploma and an official transcript from your nursing school. After you pass your exam, you earn a nursing license from the Board of Nursing.

Once you are a licensed nurse, you can join the Connecticut Nurses Association. They keep nurses abreast of changes in legislation, provide advocacy support for nurses, and offer networking opportunities. They even provide a Career Center for members that are looking for work.

Programs from Connecticut Schools

Listed below are all of the nationally accredited Accelerated BSN programs with campus locations in Connecticut.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT)
Program Name: Bachelor of Science Second Degree
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT)
Program Name: Accelerated BSN
Accreditation: ACEN accredited
Southern Connecticut State University (New Haven, CT)
Program Name: Accelerated Career Entry (ACE)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
Program Name: Master's Entry into Nursing (MBEIN)
Accreditation: CCNE accredited
University of Saint Joseph (West Hartford, CT)
Program Name: Accelerated Second Degree
Accreditation: CCNE accredited