Can I Still Work and Go To Nursing School At The Same Time?

Practical Advice For Working Nursing Students

"Can I work and still make it through nursing school at the same time?" is one question we hear all the time at

One of the most common questions about nursing school is whether or not you can continue working during classes. In today's economy, balancing work and school is something many nursing students must face.

Many nursing students must work part-time or full-time while they attend school because of financial obligations, but it can be difficult to keep a job and attend nursing school simultaneously. Completing any degree is a challenge, especially when you are working 40 hours a week, but doing well in nursing school with a job can be incredibly difficult.

For most students, completing nursing school and successfully passing the NCLEX exam means dedicating one's self completely to school with as few outside distractions as possible. This dedication may mean seeking out additional financial aid to help with living expenses while you're in school.

This is just one reason why we offer a $2500 nursing scholarship quarterly. Many of our scholarship winners are excited to learn they have won, as this added income allows them to decrease their working hours and focus more on their nursing courses. If you are enrolled in nursing school, be sure to apply for our scholarship today.


Check out these nursing school tips, from our own veteran nurse who worked her way through nursing school...twice!

  • Set aside time for studying every day, even if it just means looking over your Anatomy vocab for fifteen minutes before your walk out the door to work, or on the bus.
  • Keep detailed and organized notes for each course. You can arrange them in separate notebooks, or divide one large binder into sections for each course.
  • Make weekly study dates with classmates and tap into each other's strengths. Not only will you make new friends and share knowledge, but you will learn how to work as a team, which is an essential skill for nurses, no matter where you work.
  • Find the best time to study, and make it a routine. Whether you are most alert first thing in the morning, or after an evening nap, choose a time when you are awake and motivated and adhere to it. If you get behind in your studies, it can be hard to catch up-so its best to stay ahead of the game from the start.
  • Prioritize! If your Gerontology test is on Thursday, but your medication review is mandatory for 6am clinicals tomorrow, focus on the meds! Keep a schedule or planner with important dates in it to stay on track, and give your attention to what needs done first! This is also a skill that you will use in your nursing practice, so its best to learn and implement it now.